Happy weekend to you all! Did you all do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Sydney didn’t catch a Leprechaun, but they left a little mess of Lucky Charms and gold chocolates at the Goeller house! I also spent the evening at the Spring Fling at the high school. This dance was hosted by the Interact Club and the Key Club, and the kids wanted to give all proceeds from the dance tickets to the Eve Shelter here in town. It was a great success! It’s great to see the next generation wanting to give back, and they had fun at the same time!

Just in case you were wondering…..our last name is spelled Goeller but is pronounced Geller!

We have added a real quick crafting class being added on Friday, April 6th! Scroll alllllllll the way down at the bottom for details! There are still a few spots left for the class next Friday (March 31st) too!

I also want to give a shout out to our oldest son, Cameron! He is turning 17 on Tuesday. Oh, how times flies! Don’t you just love your kids??!! Love ya SO much, Cam!

Here’s is our weekly update for everything outside!

There is still quite a bit of painting to do outside, but this week it has been too cold for Jim to get any of that done! Maybe there will be a chance to do some more later in the week, but this weekend is going to be COLD!

Just a reminder that Kennebec potato seeds are in as well as onion sets!

Ramps are coming on Tuesday! I have never tried a ramp before, and maybe some of you haven’t either……They are a wild onion and are also called wild leeks. They taste like a mixture of garlic and onion. Did you know there is a festival in Richwood, WV dedicated to ramps? It’s called the Feast of the Ramson. It’s on Saturday, April 22nd this year from 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Here’s a website with all the information for some of you who want a fun weekend getaway! (https://www.richwoodchamberofcommerce.org/feast-of-the-ramson)

I was able to get some colorful potato bags in! They are heavy duty fabric 10 gallon bags with perfect drainage. It also has a flap on the side for easy harvesting. These are $9.99 a piece and will be put out today (Saturday) by the seed potatoes!

Potatoes are one of the best producing seeds that you can plant. One pound planted yields 10 pounds of potatoes! That’s a great return! The best way is to make sure your potato has 3 eyes on it. Cut your potato seed with a sharp knife. Plant them in a sunny area and water when necessary. You know your potatoes are ready because the potato vines above ground will completely die. That tells you that your potatoes are fully grown. Potatoes can last a long time in a cool, dark cellar or basement.

We are getting so excited for all of the flowers and vegetables plants that will be here before we know it! There will be plenty of hanging baskets, perennials, annuals, vegetable plants, succulents, etc. I can’t wait!

Here’s our update for this week on inside……

Take advantage of the Easter goodies while there is still time the next couple of weeks! We are still taking orders for Easter baskets!

We will be closed for Easter on Sunday, April 9th to observe one of the most meaningful holidays of the year!

Would you like a Bunny Cake or Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting for Easter weekend or Easter Sunday? We are now taking orders! The carrot cake will be a double layer 8 inch round cake with cream cheese frosting with (or without) walnuts. The Bunny Cake is your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and coconut (or not). Check out the pictures below for examples!

BUSINESS LUNCH DELIVERIES will start on Monday, April 3rd! We are excited to offer this service to the businesses, schools and plants in our town. We know how short your lunch breaks are and how hard it can be to fight traffic and get everyone’s lunch back to them, so let us take care of that part for you!

Because of the weather, Jim has been able to start painting on the inside! We chose Cozy White for the walls and Garden Trellis for the trim. It’s a pretty sage green. He started on the back wall and he’s hoping to have all the painting done inside and out in the next few weeks! Check it out the next time you are in! P.S. All your compliments keep him motivated! Ha! Wink! Wink!

Jim and I were able to have a date day trip to the Walnut Creek Food Show last week. We had fun! We got to see all the new products and sample some things. There are some great new items that we will be able to offer you all soon!

Well, the corned beef has been a hit! We have heard great reviews! It’s great when we get something new that then can become a regular item! If you haven’t tried it, we hope you will soon!

There are small single size fresh bags of sauerkraut available if you prefer that over a jar.

Our bakery is now baking Rye bread fresh daily! This is something that you have asked for, and we are happy that we can now offer it!

The March edition of the MHS newspaper The Original is available for free at the counter. There is even a 10% lunch coupon (11-1 Monday thru Friday) for Huck’s on the back that is good until March 31st!

Soups will continue for the month, and then we will take a break until September. Take advantage of our yummy soups while you can!

There’s plenty of ground sausage and ground beef available in the freezer from Zimmerview!

Crafts are 20% off! If you have been eyeing something, now’s the time to treat yourself! Also, check out the candles, melts, and sprays from Duck Creek Candle Company! There really is a scent for everyone.

Huck’s can do all sorts of custom made meat, cheese, veggie, and sandwich trays. These are perfect for meetings, get togethers, reunions, funerals, etc. You can call, message us on Facebook, email us at hucksfarmmarket@gmail.com, or send us a fax.

Proud to sell products from the following local small businesses:

*Cornerstone Homestead *Duck Creek Candle Co. *Duffy’s Designs *Florence Creamery *Forever Caroline *Hot Chocolate Bombs and More *Inspired Creations *Whispering Pines Bakery *Zimmerview Meats and Market


You can sign up for a class by messaging us on Facebook, calling Huck’s, or in person at the register.

Friday, March 31st: Round Wooden Sign and Bow Making Class

These round wooden signs are all the rage right now! This sign is perfect for a wall inside your house, an office or classroom door, or your front door. Duffy from Duffy’s Designs is going to be helping us to make the wooden sign. She can customize it to say Welcome, Home Sweet Home, Hello Spring, etc. Merrilee is going to show us how to make a large fabric bow that you can put on your sign. The cost is $60, and we can fit 12-15 ladies for this class! I hope you can join us! (I have put an example picture down below!) Please register by Monday, March 27th, so we can get prepared!

Friday, April 7th: 6:30 p.m. Flowering Cabbage Easter Arrangement (Live flowers) (Pic down below.)

Do you remember our Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement class? We are doing the same for Easter, but instead of a pumpkin, it will be inside a cabbage! It will be filled with live Spring flowers like tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. We can take up to 12 participants for this class. The cost is $60. We are also taking orders for this class if you want one but can’t attend the class. Pick up would be Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Sign up by Monday, April 3rd!

Deli Specials this Week:

$4.99 lb.

$4.99 lb.

Soups available daily. Check daily on hucksmarket.com.

Online ordering for the Sandwich Shop is available.

M-F 9:00-5:30 Sat 9-4 Sun 11-4

Thanks for all of your support! We hope you have a wonderful week!

Jim and Kirsten Goeller