Another month is ready to end! How is that possible? We better enjoy one last warm weekend, because starting on Monday, it looks like we won’t see temps in the 70’s for quite a while! The old wive’s tale about the willy worms I saw last year wasn’t correct, but I have seen some all black ones around my house! I also saw a Facebook post on the Harmar Village page about the height of wasp’s nests. The higher the wasp’s nest means the higher the snow. The old saying goes “See how high the hornet’s nest, ‘twill tell how high the snow will rest.” According to people who shared their pictures, there were some very high wasp nests. We shall see!

I have to give a quick shout out to our Fall MHS sports teams! The Girls Tennis team sent Olivia Emery (my sweet, little cousin!) and Jenna Jackson to States at Wooster College, Cross Country has made it to regionals, Saylor Wharff made it to States in Girls Golf, Volleyball is in the Districts Semifinal today, Girls Soccer has won Districts, Boys Soccer made it to the District Semifinals, Football made it to the playoffs for the 2nd time in school history, Marietta Marquettes and Cheer both did amazing at their first fall competition, and Boys Golf sent Owen Heslop and Zach Birge to the Districts as well. It’s a great time to be a Tiger!

The 7th grade teachers at MHS have a lot of fun each year on Costume Day by dressing up like the characters of the game CLUE (which is my all time favorite board game)! This was my 3rd year going as Mrs. White, the maid, although my costume looks a little more like Amelia Bedilia. Lol. We read alibis to the students, and they have to figure out “whodunit”. Kids can get prizes for figuring it out. Mr. VanReeth works hard to put this all together, so kudos to him!

Do you like a good fright? Here is a list of alleged haunted places in Marietta…..#1. The Anchorage….built in 1859 by Douglas Putnam for his wife, Eliza, and then it was turned into a nursing home…..#2 The Lafayette Hotel….they say the ghosts are friendly on the 3rd floor….#3 Mount Cemetery….you will find the great big Native American mound in the middle and more graves of Revolutionary War veterans than in any other cemetery in the United States….#4….Tiber Way….a place for patients with tuberculosis in the early 1900’s. You can even see the faded words “Chronic Diseases” at the top!….#5….Buckley Island….only accessible by boat, this island originally was used to quarantine people with deadly, infectious diseases, meaning if you went to Buckley Island, you weren’t coming back. Then, it became an amusement park for 10 years until it was destroyed in a flood in 1907…. All you have to do is Google “Haunted Marietta, Ohio” and you will find all kinds of websites if you want to read more. Believe it or not, lots of ghost hunters come to Marietta to film these haunts! Spooky!

We hope you bring your kiddos to the Kid’s Halloween Fun Day at Huck’s today (Saturday) from 2:00-5:00 p.m.! You can come anytime during the 3 hours, and you don’t have to feel like you have to stay the whole time! Here’s what we have planned:

Halloween slime (gooey!)….Ghost hunt (scary!….not really, it’s Tootsie Pop suckers made into ghosts. Ha!) ….Sugar Cookie Decorating (yummy!)….Pie Pumpkin Painting (spooky!)….Coloring Contest (creepy!) Spiderweb Craft (ghastly!)….Nail Painting (ghoulish! this one is Sydney’s idea!)….and a Dance Party (groovy!)! Plus, who doesn’t love the song “Monster Mash”?!

Here’s our outside update….

There are still some pie pumpkins, exotic pumpkins, and carving pumpkins left.

Gourds are only 75 cents. How cute would these be on your Thanksgiving table?

Thanks to all of you for a great Fall season! We sold more mums this year than last year, so that’s exciting! I hope yours are still looking great! My pineapple mum has now variegated into the prettiest pink, my white mums have also turned into pink on the edges, and my deep pink has opened up wide with sunny, yellow centers!

Look for our inflatable Tom Turkey to come out on Wednesday! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it!

Here’s what is going on inside the market….

Apples and apple cider are still aplenty! We have 1/2 Peck bags of Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith. You can also find those kinds plus Mutzu, Paula Red, McIntosh, and Gala. What about a big bag of each for some variety! You know what they say…..An apple day keeps the doctor away!

The Walnut Creek cider in the glass jars have been a hit! You can find Granny Smith Apple, Apple, Peach, and Cinnamon Apple.

Don’t forget about Haney’s Kettle Corn! We have Candy Bar, Jalapeño, Monster Mash, Original, and Caramel Corn. Yum!

You may want to pick up a few caramel apples or from scratch cupcakes for your Halloween parties!

We will have Yoder’s Good Health Recipe tonic on Wednesday. Glad you all are liking the benefits of the Apple Cider Vinegar plus the 20 herbs! Down the hatch it goes!

Mister Bee’s has come out with a 1951 recipe potato chip, and we have bags of it for $2.99 at Huck’s! Growing up, Mister Bee’s potato chips were always in our cupboard. When my dad was a little boy, having a bag of Mister Bee’s and a Coca-Cola was a real treat! He told himself that when he got older and made his own money, he would always keep a bag of Mister Bee’s potato chips in his house, and he stuck to that! In fact, there is still always a bag of Mister Bee’s chips at my mom’s house!

Don’t worry….even as the weather gets colder, we will still have Velvet ice cream. It’s the best!

We are ready to start serving Ice Cream Soda Floats! Come in and get one made using our Old-Fashioned Kutztown sodas. You could get Orange Cream, Root Beer, Ginger Beer, or Red Cream. I think I will try the Orange Cream first with two scoops of Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream. What a treat! Cost is $3.99 for a 20 oz. float.

The bakery has been smelling wonderfully! Our fabulous bakers are busy keeping fresh baked items on our shelves and in our sandwich shop daily! Thank you all!

We have 50 lb. bags of Kennebec potatoes waiting for a home! They are $31.99. Wouldn’t it be nice to get all stocked up for the winter?

Do you need a Christmas flag for your house or garden? We have some adorable ones! We have small sizes for your garden, and we have big ones to hang on a flag pole on your house.

Don’t forget to check out our seasonings and dips here at Huck’s! We have delicious seasonings made locally by Sage and Co. and Blue Heat! Lots of dip packets from Walnut Creek are available with flavors like Dill, Southwest, etc. We are going to be adding to this section soon for the holiday season!

Now that the weather is going to be getting cooler, we all have to contend with drier skin. We have a great remedy for this…..Cornerstone Homestead goat milk soaps. These soaps add moisture to your skin without irritating it. They can also help treat acne, and I’ve even read they can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Not that any of us would need it for wrinkle repair, right?

If you are needing a little gift for someone, we have the perfect something. Whether it be a notepad or cards from Forever Caroline, a candle from Duck Creek Candle Co., a gift card, or a craft, there are lots of things to choose from.

Huck’s can do all sorts of custom made meat, cheese, veggie, fruit, cookie, and sandwich trays. These are perfect for meetings, parties, get togethers, reunions, funerals, etc. You can call us at 740-374-2484, message us on Facebook, email us at, or send us a fax at 740-373-0024.

Proud to sell products from the following local small businesses:

*Blue Heat *Bracelets by Audrey *Cornerstone Homestead *Duck Creek Candle Co. *Duffy’s Designs *Florence Creamery *Forever Caroline *Hein-Alsbach Gardens Farm *Hot Chocolate Bombs and More *Inspired Creations *Jose Madrid Salsa *Peck’s Farm *Sew Cute Scrunchies *Zimmerview Meats and Market

Deli Specials this Week: coming shortly



Online ordering for the Sandwich Shop is available. Lunch delivery to businesses 11-1 daily.

M-F 9-6:30 Sat 9-5 Sun 11-5

Thanks for all of your support! We hope you have a wonderful week!

Jim and Kirsten Goeller