Hello, winter, frigid temps, and snow! I hope you have all stayed warm during all the winter weather we have been getting. I love the snow, but I could do without the bitter temperatures! Did you know that before the snowfall last week, Philadelphia was in a snow drought? They had gone 715 days without snow on the ground! Here are some fun facts about snow, since it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had much: There has to be pollen or dust in the air for snow to form. A water droplet freezes on a dust or pollen particle and that is what causes a snowflake to form. Snow is not white. It’s translucent, but it looks white when it all collects together. Finally, snowflakes travel at 1-4 mph, so it takes them about one hour to reach the ground. (foxweather.com)

Wednesday is the tentative GRAND OPENING for our second Huck’s Farm Market location! We have had a couple delays because of the snow, so that’s why we have had to push back our opening a couple of days. We will post when we open for sure!

Where: 114 Putnam Street in Downtown Marietta

Hours: 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays)

Breakfast Menu: breakfast sandwiches, muffins, donuts, eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, toasted breads, pancakes, gourmet syrups

Lunch Menu: salads, sandwiches, subs, burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, chips

Fresh baked items: breads, pies, cookies, brownies, etc.

Other Items: Amish jellies and canned goods, Buckeyes, Dutch Delights, fudge

There are 7 little tables and a countertop with four stools, so you will be able to eat there if you want!

We will keep adding items to our menu as time goes on, so we will make sure to keep you all up to date!

We appreciate all of your well wishes! This has been part of our business plan from the start, so we are happy to see it’s finally happening!

Here’s our outside update! There are 60 days until birds will be chirping, bunnies will be hopping, and the Spring sunshine will be warming up everything! Aren’t you glad we live in a beautiful area where we get all four seasons? I know I am!

What kind of garden personality do you have? Better Homes and Gardens says there are three types…..classic, modernist, and naturalist. The classic gardener likes a mix of all sorts of annuals, perennials, colors, and styles. This gardener would have a cottage garden. The modern gardener has less plants and they are not planted closely together. They like clean lines and organization. Finally, the naturalist likes to use native plants and tries to attract butterflies and bees. No matter which gardener you are, one thing is for sure….all gardens are beautiful!

Now onto the inside of one of my favorite places!

First of all, some of you have been wondering…..Huck’s on Muskingum Drive is not changing at all!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We are now taking orders for Chocolate Covered Strawberries. A dozen big, red, juicy strawberries covered in milk, white, or dark chocolate. These are the perfect way to show someone how special they are! Each dozen costs $24.99, and they will be ready for pick up whenever you need them! We will be taking orders through February 13th.

Thinking of a unique gift to get your Valentine? How about a gift basket from Huck’s? You could include all sorts of goodies like chocolate covered pretzels, Dutch Delights, assorted candies, and Sweetheart Jam. You could do a smoked sausage, cheeses, crackers, and a candle for a lovely, date night. The possibilities are endless! We can accent with a teddy bear and a little balloon! Love is in the air, right Jimmy?! Lol.

Pretty Prints and Tees has brought in some more shirts! There are ones for teachers, Valentine’s Day, basketball moms, and inspirational designs. These are so cute and are made of the nicest material. Check them out!

Sweetheart Jam from Walnut Creek is yummy this time of year or any time of the year for that matter! It’s made from strawberries, cherries, red raspberries, and passion fruit. Ooh la la!

If you’ve never tried Dutch Delights from Amish Country, you are in for a real treat. The chocolate is smooth, velvety, and decadent. We have about 10 different chocolates such as Pecan Cluster, French Mint, Chocolate Covered Cookie, Caramel, Peanut Dip, and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow. If you like chocolate, you will love these!

Florence Creamery has a new product at Huck’s! We will be stocked again with cheese curds on Tuesday! There are four flavors: Original, Ranch, Italian, and Garlic. Cheese curds are bits of curdled milk made when making cheese. They don’t have a strong flavor, so they are easily paired with most other foods. You can fry them, add them to salads, or eat them as a snack. Anyway you eat them, you can guarantee that they will be delicious!

Here is our warm and yummy soup schedule for the upcoming week!

Monday: Chicken Noodle and Bean Soup with Ham

Tuesday: Creamy Potato, Taco Soup

Wednesday: Stuffed Pepper and Minestrone

Thursday: Chicken Noodle, Grandma’s Tomato Soup

Friday: Cheesy Broccoli, Vegetable Soup

Huck’s is proud to partner with these amazing small businesses!

*Blue Heat *Bracelets by Audrey *Cornerstone Homestead *Duck Creek Candle Co. *Duffy’s Designs *Florence Creamery *Forever Caroline *Hein-Alsbach Gardens Farm *Hot Chocolate Bombs and More *Inspired Creations *Jose Madrid Salsa *Peck’s Farm *Pretty Prints and Tees *Sew Cute Scrunchies *The Potter’s Hand *Zimmerview Meats and Market

Deli Specials this Week: coming shortly



Online ordering for the Sandwich Shop is available. Lunch delivery to businesses 11-1 daily.


M-F 9-5:30

Sat 9-4 Sun 11-4

Thanks for all of your support! We hope you have a wonderful week!

Jim and Kirsten Goeller