Hello, everyone! I hope you have had a nice week! It sure flew by! I enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries, and we hope that you did as well! Yum!

Monday is Presiden’t Day! When I was in college at Mount Union University in Alliance, Ohio, I got to take a field trip to the National First Ladies Library and Museum in Canton. What a neat place! If you ever have a free afternoon, it is well worth your while! Over 50 women have been First Ladies of the United States. Not all First Ladies have been spouses. The 15th president, James Buchanan, was a lifelong bachelor. His niece was his First Lady. Grover Cleveland’s sister, Rose, served as his First Lady until he got married at the White House to his new bride, Frances. She was only 21 (he was 49) when they married. Although Ohio is known as the birthplace of the presidents, New York wins that prize when it comes to the First Ladies. There have been 11 First Ladies from New York including: Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy O’Nassis, Nancy Reagan, and Barbara Bush.

Inside Putnam Street has been a busy place!

CLOSED on President’s Day at Putnam Street only! But no worries….you can still visit us at 412 Muskingum Drive to get the freshest sandwich or sub around!

For our new readers….did you know that Huck’s Farm Market was voted Best Sub, Best Deli, and Best Sandwich in the Marietta Times Reader’s Choice Awards in 2023? We were also runner up for Best Lunch, Best Farmer’s Market, and Best Produce. We are so appreciative of these awards! We work very hard to make sure our sandwiches have the freshest breads, finest meats, and cheeses, and the best toppings and condiments. They are literally hundreds of combinations, so you can stick with your favorite or try something new!

A new craft class is being planned for Friday, March 22! Check out below and get signed up! It will be fun!

Duck Creek Candle Co. has added candles to our Putnam Street location! These soy candles burn cleanly and have a wonderful smell! They are reasonably priced and have a variety of scents! There are florals, foods, and cozy scents. I love them all! They come in two different sizes, and they also have wax melts and air fresheners for your car!

Here’s our update for the outside of the market!

Our spring countdown is getting closer! Only 34 more days!

Ever thought of making your own potting soil? Self.com says that it’s easier than you think….I like easy, so this sounds great! They say to start with 1/3 sand, 1/3 top soil, and 1/3 compost. Compost is amazing! It can help promote healthy plants, conserve water, and it’s great for the environment!

Composting is easier than you may think. You can compost in a pile or in a wooden bin. You can place your compost pile in the shade or the sun, but it will do what it’s supposed to do in the sun a lot quicker. Next, what do you add to your compost? Think “greens” and “browns”. Greens can come from scraps of fruits and vegetables, dying flowers, and other plant material. Things that are brown can be used like: egg shells, coffee grounds, twigs, newspaper, biodegradable paper, hay/straw, old leaves, and pine needles. After a couple of months, use a pitch fork to get it all stirred up, and start using your compost in your gardening! Let’s do it!

Here’s the update for the inside of the Main Market at Muskingum Drive!

The Walnut Creek Rolled Butter is such a treat! Butter is one of those foods that does not have many ingredients. If you are looking for a high quality butter with just cream and salt, the butter from Walnut Creek is a great choice!

There is nothing better to top butter with than a delightful jam or jelly. Walnut Creek has any flavor of butter you can think of! You can’t go wrong with classic Strawberry jam or jelly. There are also some wonderful strawberry combinations like Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Pineapple, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Yum! Eat it on some Breton crackers or some freshly baked bread and it’s the perfect snack or side dish.