Another week has come and gone! Baseball and softball have started for our kids, so we know Spring is almost here!

If you are looking for a fun outing this weekend, consider going to Marietta High School’s production of the musical Anastasia! Every spring musical is amazing, so if you go, you are in for a real treat! Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at the Athletic page or at the door. Shout out to my little cousin, Olivia, she plays the Dowager Empress in the play!

Pure maple syrup is the first harvest of the year in Ohio and West Virginia. Starting in February, maple trees all around get tapped for their delicious, sweet sap. This lasts through April. The sap starts flowing this time of year, because the daytime temperature is above freezing, but most nights are below freezing. I didn’t know that maple syrup tastes differently based on the location. Maple syrup in Southeast Ohio will not taste the same as maple syrup in Northern Ohio or Central West Virginia. There are 12 maple producing states, and Ohio is ranked 5th in production. It produces 100,000 gallons of maple syrup each year. The sugar maple is the official tree of West Virginia, and they say that West Virginia has more sugar maples than Vermont, although Vermont is the #1 producer of maple syrup in the U.S.

Maple syrup comes in four different grades: Grade A →Golden Color, Grade A→ Medium Amber Color, Grade A →Dark Color, and Grade A →Very Dark Color. The golden syrup has the most delicate flavor and is typically the first syrup that comes out of a tree. The darker the color means the flavor is stronger. Want the healthiest maple syrup? Grade A Dark and Very Dark has the most minerals and up to 300% more antioxidants than light.

There are three craft classes scheduled for this Spring! Please take a moment to scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for a complete description of each! I have also added pictures of the crafts below!

Here’s our update for the Putnam Street location…..

We are open on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. We would love to see you for breakfast or lunch!

We are glad so many of you are taking advantage of our lunch delivery option. Sometimes it can be hard to leave work to go and pick up lunch! If you haven’t tried this option, it’s very handy!

Our bakery is taking orders for some delicious special treats for Easter! A complete description is down below!

Here’s our outside update at the main farm market….

Aren’t you glad to know that March is finally here? Looks like it’s coming in like a lamb….let’s hope it stays that way!

It won’t be long before we start making our first greenhouse orders for the Spring! The spring flower season is the highlight of our Farm Market, and nothing looks any better than bright, colorful flowers to spruce up the outside!

Doesn’t gardening just make you feel happy? There have been many studies done that say that is really true! When you get outside and garden, not only are you getting your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun (remember you need 20 minutes of sunshine a day), but a certain bacteria in the soil causes your brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Both of these chemicals are responsible for making you feel calm, relaxed, and happy! So, according to researchers, your best bet to get all the benefits of gardening is to take your gloves off, get your hands dirty, and enjoy the that soft, cool dirt!

Here is the update for inside the market this week…..

This is our popular soup menu for next week:

Monday: Chicken Noodle and Bean Soup with Ham

Tuesday: Creamy Potato, Taco Soup

Wednesday: Stuffed Pepper and Minestrone

Thursday: Chicken Noodle, Grandma’s Tomato Soup

Friday: Cheesy Broccoli, Vegetable Soup

We are now taking orders for from scratch carrot cakes, coconut bunny cakes, chocolate He is Risen tomb cakes, and fresh strawberry pies for your Easter weekend! One or all of these would be the perfect addition to your delicious Easter dinner!

In the meantime, you can find slices of our from scratch carrot cakes, in the deli case. It tastes delicious!

Now that it is March, it is time for corned beef and cabbage. If you are looking for corned beef, just ask and we will get it from the cooler to slice. Grab a jar of Amish wedding, or Walnut Creek sauerkraut or the individual packets of sauerkraut that are on top of our deli case. The individual packets are perfect for those of you who have families that don’t like sauerkraut.

We also have big heads of fresh cabbage in our produce area! We also have some beautiful different types of potatoes. What a perfect meal….fry up some potatoes with some shredded cabbage and add some Troyer’s sausage or Bahama Mamas with it. We can eat like the Irish all month!

Have you ever thought of taking home a big pot of our from scratch soup home for dinner? You would have to give us a day’s notice, but we could make you a steaming pot of any of our from scratch soups, just think… Dinner could be done with a quick trip inside to pick it up along with a loaf of sourdough or Italian bread that has been fresh baked in the morning!

Jim has been working on mini fry pies made from scratch at Huck’s! He’s been having everyone sample them, and hopefully they will be ready to have out on the floor in the next week or two!

Yesterday was National Candle Day, so be sure to stop in to Huck’s this weekend to pick up your favorite scent from Duck Creek, Candle, Co.’s and give your house a warm, cozy scent!

You need to see the variety of stationary products available to you at Huck’s from Forever Caroline. These one of a kind items have artwork by Appalachian artists, one who loves right in Marietta! There are notepads, love notes, cards, and canvas bags. They feature landscapes, nature, and farm life. We love having these in a cupboard by the front door!

Sew Cute Scrunchies has dropped off some more hair scrunchies! These are perfect for all girls of any age. So cute!

We are so proud to be selling Florence Creamery milks and cheese curds. This cream top milk is fresh, and you can really tell that it is locally produced. In fact, this milk is all that my family will drink now! And I mean it when I say that we go through a lot of it every week!

We have the freshest meats around! Between the deli and our local farmers, we can keep you stocked up in the meat department! We have farm raised meat from Zimmerview Farm, Peck’s Farm , and Cornerstone Homestead! Wonderful products and wonderful people!

Huck’s can do all sorts of custom made meat, cheese, veggie, fruit, cookie, and sandwich trays. These are perfect for meetings, parties, get togethers, reunions, funerals, etc. You can call us at 740-374-2484, message us on Facebook, email us at, or send us a fax at 740-373-0024.

Proud to sell products from the following local small businesses:

*Blue Heat *Bracelets by Audrey *Cornerstone Homestead *Duck Creek Candle Co. *Duffy’s Designs *Florence Creamery *Forever Caroline *Hein-Alsbach Gardens Farm *Hot Chocolate Bombs and More *Inspired Creations *Jose Madrid Salsa *Peck’s Farm *Sew Cute Scrunchies *Zimmerview Meats and Market


Class #1: Choice of Welcome or Bunny Round Sign: Friday, March 15th @ 6:00 p.m. at Putnam Street Location

We are going to be making your choice of a Welcome or Bunny Round Sign. The Welcome sign has bunny ears and some adorable Easter eggs along the bottom. The Bunny sign has a painted wooden bunny on top of a painted striped background. I can see either of these on my front door or on my wall! Please join us for a fun night out! Cost is $60.00. You can call either location to sign up or send me a message on Facebook. Check out the pictures below of each!

Class #2: Bunny Floral Centerpiece: Friday, March 22nd @ 6:00 p.m. at Putnam Street Location

Miss Merrilee Burton is going to be teaching us how to make a beautiful, brightly colored Easter centerpiece! It has an adorable grass bunny, carrots, eggs, and silk flowers arranged in an oblong container. The cost is $55.00 which is so reasonable! Merrilee is needing us to bring wire cutters and scissors if possible. She also has a couple of fun surprises in store for you all as well! Call either location and get on the list! You won’t want to miss out!

Class #3: Mom or Grandma Evening Out with a Little Loved One: Friday, May 3rd @ 6:00 p.m. at Putnam Street Location

This class is to celebrate Mother’s Day! Bring a little one and buttons if you collect them for an adorable button heart craft! This unique craft with buttons, lace, with a keepsake in a frame is one that you will be able to keep in your family to be passed down. Plus, to get to have an evening out with a special child that you love is something you can’t pass up! I’ll have a price for this class next week! I know it will be cheaper if you have your own buttons to bring.

Deli Specials this Week: 

Virginia Ham $6.49 lb.

Yellow American $4.99 lb.

Online ordering for the Sandwich Shop is available. Lunch delivery 11-1 daily.

Market WINTER HOURS! (740)373-2484Fax: (740)373-0084

M-F 9-5:30

Sat 9-4 Sun 11-4

Putnam Street Hours! (740)373-3740

M-F 7-3

Sat 8-2

Thanks for all of your support! We hope you have a wonderful week!

Jim and Kirsten Goeller