Jim and I would like to start this newsletter by thanking you for a wonderful 2023. We love and appreciate all of you, and we enjoy getting to know you as well! We also want to thank all our faithful employees for their hard work in 2023! Huck’s certainly couldn’t run without all of you!

It’s almost 2024! This year is certain to be an exciting one! We are looking forward to getting our second location up and running at 114 Putnam Street, our oldest son will be graduating and heading off to college, it’s a leap year, and there will be a presidential election. Here’s to a happy, healthy year for all of us!

Are you doing anything fun for New Year’s Eve? Do you eat some pork chops and sauerkraut for New Year’s Day? This German tradition is said to bring wealth and good luck all year! For those of you who say no way to sauerkraut….add some brown sugar and eat it over mashed potatoes, and I think you might just change your mind!

The islands of Oceania east of Australia are the first countries to ring in the new year. So, if you can’t stay up for the ball in the NYC to drop…..the New Year will begin at 5:00 a.m. Saturday (our time) in Fiji!

Santa brought a bundle of fur and energy to The Goeller house on Christmas morning. We have a new puppy! His name is Brownie after The Cleveland Brown’s old mascot, Brownie The Fighting Elf! He’s so cute! This is the first time we’ve had a dog in the house, and I think a newborn baby is much easier! Ha! Although… he’s doing a very good job. We will see how he does next week when we head back to school. Check out his picture below!

Here’s the update for outside!

Since there’s not much to report outside, I’ll start some weather and gardening info to get us in the mood for Spring. I do love snow, so I’m on the lookout for some pretty flakes to stick to the ground! My favorite part about winter weather is watching it from somewhere warm, like the couch with a warm blanket over top of me. The older I get the less I like the cold!

There is a new invasive pest that has been found in both Ohio and West Virginia. It is called the Spotted Lanternfly, and it arrived in the Northeast U.S. from Asia on a stone shipment back in 2014. This insect is very harmful to fruit trees, so orchards are rightfully concerned. It is a moth looking insect grows to the size of a quarter with a black body and gray and red wings with black spots on them. In Ohio, they have been found in the northern counties, and they are also now in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Both states’ Department of Natural Resources say these insects need to be reported if they are seen. (agri.ohio.gov)

Here’s our weekly update for the inside of the market!

Holiday weekend hours!

New Year’s Eve: 11-3

New Year’s Day: CLOSED

New Winter Hours have started through March!

Monday-Friday 9-5:30

Saturday 9-4

Sunday 11-4

New Item! A couple of days a week you will find some warm White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese beside the soups. This yummy macaroni and cheese is warm and comforting during these cold winter days. Try some!

Everyone has been very responsive to our soups! Here is the schedule for soups for the upcoming work week!

Monday: New Year’s Day (closed)

Tuesday: Vegetable Beef, Creamy Potato

Wednesday: Stuffed Pepper, White Chicken Chili

Thursday: Chicken Noodle, Sausage Tortellini

Friday: Cheesy Broccoli, Tomato Basil

All of our crafts are 50% right now! It’s time to move some things out to make room for more pretty items! We have a couple of braided rugs that would be perfect for a cold floor in your kitchen or bathroom. Braided rugs are an old tradition dating back to ancient Europe, but it was particularly popular by Colonial women in early America. Women made these rugs from leftover scraps to keep the floors warm and the colors made their homes look pretty. I love old-fashioned things!

Another option for pork is the ever popular Bahama Mamas! These come from Walnut Creek and they are a German Recipe Smoked Sausage. You could nestle them into a crockpot of Walnut Creek Sauerkraut or eat them on some of our freshly baked hot dog buns! Either way would be delicious!

I’ve been reading up on the importance of gut health, and one of the tastiest ways to add probiotics and good bacteria to our digestive systems is from yogurt! We have a delicious line of whole milk yogurts from September Farm. In the past few months, we’ve added some more flavors, and they are all delicious and high quality! You can choose from Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon Honey, Plain, Vanilla, and Peach. I have tried them all, and they are all good. The plain is great as a substitute for sour cream or added to a dip or smoothie. I hope you will give this tangy, health food a try if you haven’t already!

Florence Creamery Cheese Curds are in our cooler. I googled what to do with cheese curds, and I found a website “17 Easy Recipes With Cheese Curds” by insanelygoodrecipes.com! It has recipes for Air Fried Cheese Curds, Marinated Cheese Curds, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Yum! I’m going to get some, and try them in the Air Fryer this week for the family!

We were asked by a customer if we could carry Walnut Creek Real Mayonnaise. It’s now on the shelf with the Walnut Creek Steak Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce, Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, and Ketchup. All of our grocery items are competitively priced which is great for a high end product!

Dutch Delights have been restocked! The chocolate section got pretty much cleared out during December, so now all your favorites are plentiful!

Haney’s Kettle Corn has restocked with some yummy flavors like Christmas Crunch and Original Kettle Corn!

There is a wide variety of dips available for your New Year’s Eve party. They are easy to make and go perfectly with crackers, pretzels, breads, or veggies!

We are blessed to have the best small business partners around! Please take the time to read their names and support them as well!

*Blue Heat *Bracelets by Audrey *Cornerstone Homestead *Duck Creek Candle Co. *Duffy’s Designs *Florence Creamery *Forever Caroline *Hein-Alsbach Gardens Farm *Hot Chocolate Bombs and More *Inspired Creations *Jose Madrid Salsa *Peck’s Farm *Pretty Prints and Tees *Sew Cute Scrunchies *The Potter’s Hand *Zimmerview Meats and Market

Deli Specials this Week: coming shortly



Online ordering for the Sandwich Shop is available. Lunch delivery to businesses 11-1 daily.

M-F 9-5:30

Sat 9-4 Sun 11-4

Thanks for all of your support! We hope you have a New Year!

Jim and Kirsten Goeller