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December 19th Soups of the Day

Cream of Potato with Bacon and homemade Chicken Noodle

December 18th Soups of the Day

Tomato Tortellini and Cream of Potato with Bacon

December 17th Soups of the Day

Homemade chicken noodle and beef chili

December 16th Soups of the Day

Smokey Poblano with Cheese and Baked Potato

Specials for Dec 13th – 19th

Fruit & Gift Baskets, Party Trays

12 Days of Early Christmas Deals
50% off Kids Christmas Clothing
40% off Christmas Ornaments
30% off Christmas Decor & Gifts
30% off all Regular priced Crafts
Assorted Closeout Baskets $1
75% off Clearance Fall, Spring, Etc.
Daily Sales in Bakery & Grocery!

Apples – Cortland, Honeycrisp, Evercrisp, Gold Rush, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Rome Beauty & Winesap.

Specials for Dec 13th – 19th
Honey Ham $4.49 Lb.
Yellow or White American Cheese $3.99 Lb.

Soup Monday – Friday!
Check our daily soup at

Hours: Sat 9-5, Sun 11-4, M-F 9-6

December 13th Soups of the Day

Chicken N Dumplins and White Chicken Chili

December 12th Soups of the Day

Broccoli Cheese and Tomato Tortellini and Chicken n Dumplins

December 11th Soups of the Day

White Chicken Chili and Chicken and Dumplins

December 10th Soups of the Day

Cream of Potato with Bacon and Tomato Tortellini

December 9th Soups of the Day

Soups today are Broccoli Cheese, Stuffed Pepper & Baked Potato.

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